Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm home visiting with family, but I had to drop in and give a quick update.  Here's a quick shout out to my baby brother, who was heartbroken at three when I told him I was planning to marry Brendan Fraiser and not him.  Also, I will never forget that your first cuss word was directed at me, Funker!

Happy Graduation Day!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I've TOTALLY jinxed myself!  All this yapping about regular cycle yada, yada.  I got complacent.  I always take my OPK on day 14 because I always get a little smiley face on day 14.  I don't usually bother with the day before or after.  Well, today is day 14 and there was no happy face!?!?!  I'll try again later and tomorrow, but I may have missed it.  Which would really suck because yesterday was a great day for egg white cervical mucus, if ya know what I mean. ;)

The real reason I'm freaking out probably has more to do with playing phone tag with my doctor.  She called yesterday, at the worst possible moment, and left a message to call back for test results.  I called back four minutes later and she was busy, but the nurse said she'll call me again.  I call back three hours later and the nurse claims she hasn't come back to the office, but she promises to have her call me.

I really had to weigh which was worse.  Getting bad news at the beginning of a vacation or thinking there is bad news looming and I just wont know until Monday.

Looks like it's option B, but I wasn't really given a choice.

I have three questions for you girls:

1)  Are fertility clinics more responsive and just easier to deal with when it comes to this stuff?  Is it easier to get a call back with test results or get questions answered (like when I called to ask about whether we should try the same week that I got the HSG and was exposed to all those x-rays and the nurse calls, asks my cycle day and then says start trying whenever you want.  Um. . . did she even understand what I was asking?  My cycle day is unrelated. Whatever, whatever.)

2)  Could getting either the (internal) ultrasound or the HSG have changed anything about my cycle?  It doesn't seem likely, but I felt really hormonal after they were digging around in my vag with that wand.  OMG!!  The wand got me pregnant! 

3)  I might have had a bit to drink last night.  For more than a year I have avoided alcohol for pretty much three weeks each month.  I treat myself for a few days after Aunt Flow has arrived and then avoid anything other than a glass of wine with dinner during ovulation week and the two week wait.  BORING and it never freakin' worked anyway!  I'm at home on vacation, one of my little sisters finally turned 21 and my besties came over to celebrate.  So I celebrated!  Did my "celebrating" delay my ovulation?!

**For the science minded, please note that there are at least three known variables that have changed this month and could possibly (maybe) have effected my cycle. 

When I come back I have to tell you all about the book I started reading (and fell in love with) on the plane ride over here.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. With my best guess, your cycle is off because of the stress of everything, not from the testing itself.

    I also know that one of the "old wives tales" is to get drunk so you'll get knocked up, therefore, I don't think it can screw you up that much "fertility-wise".

  2. 1) YES. This is why I'm glad we switched to a RE when we did... at least at my clinic, the care was better than anywhere I've ever been. They always called back right away, and you could always get your results from the nurse (didn't have to wait for a doc), but the nurses were good about getting questions to and from the docs right away. They deal with infertile couples exclusively, so they get it.

    2) Not that I can think of, although the HSG will clear out your lining and *could* help you get prego. But I can't think of why it would change ovulation

    3) Naaa. I think alcohol is OK in the beginning, since even if you were to get pregnant, the embryo isn't hooked up to your circulatory system for a while (though I avoided it too, because, well, you do anything, right?). But I wouldn't worry about that!

    Traveling can def mess with ovulation... changes in sleep, etc.

    P.S. Don't worry about the x-rays. X-rays don't stick around in your body, so whatever radiation was given to you is already gone, the same as if you had flown on an airplane, for example