Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's have a looksee

Today I'm off to the new infertility clinic!  My appointment is not until the end of the month, but I'm headed out with medical records in hand to see if someone else can make sense of all this nonsense.  When I called to make an appt they requested a copy of my HSG xrays, which means I got my hands on them.

Here are my lady bits for all to see.  Enjoy! 

Also, feel free to write in your opinions.  I personally think my doctor was full of $#!+ and that's why I'm excited to get another opinion.

Before: Pretty little uterus. No problems there.

 Beautiful performance by my left tube.  The right is really slacking here.  :(

The right tube finally purges, but it's ugly and it took quite a bit of extra iodine to push through.

All clear.  Which means no dye still hanging out in the tubes.  
Which means it did eventually evacuate the right tube.

To me, this report says that my right tube was probably blocked due to surrounding adhesions.  Because I've, at least for the time being, self-diagnosed endometriosis, this makes sense.  My doctor, said my right side was just squished, but it should be all better now.  LAME!

I'll keep you posted!!

PS - For those who want to know, it was uncomfortable and it did hurt.  I had a sharp stabbing pain in my nether regions and it happened every time they injected more fluid.  I didn't enjoy that experience at all, but I would do it over and over and over if it was going to help.  The pain was temporary and I'm sure a lot of my discomfort was psychological.  I'm tired of getting things poked and prodded because I'm not pregnant.  All this stuff is supposed to happen when I AM pregnant.  


  1. I'm sorry it was so bad for you, my HSG wasn't painful until my uterus was full and then I said "you can stop now" the technician said "that's good cause I'm done and he released the syringe and I was fine.

    Mine happened just like yours, the right side was smooshed more, but the didn't say there was any problem. I'll have to look back at the report, I unfortunately don't have any copies of the films, but I think they did a live recording, I wonder if I'll be able to get my hands on that for future appointments.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are moving onto a specialist. I hope this new doctor instills you with confidence in their abilities. It can't be worse than the other!

    On the plus side... it sounds like you have good reason to think an IUI would do the trick. You are ovulating, which means you have eggs (the most important part!). One side is open (the 2nd most important part!). A very likely explanation for your infertility would be fewer chances (1/2 as many possible eggs) combined with cervix issues from the LEEP?

    Not to get all anecdotal, but I have a friend who has bad endo and possible pH/CM issues. She could not get pregnant on her own, no matter what. She's had two kids now, both through IUIs, which worked for her on the 3rd and 2nd try each time I think.

    Sorry to hear the HSG was painful :( Keep us posted on how your appt with the new doc goes