Sunday, January 30, 2011

If only I knew

Ten months ago I was really excited about starting a family. If you had asked, I would have shared some reservations. The truth is I've always been worried it would be harder for me than it is for most girls.

If I had known I'd be here now, which is absolutely nowhere, I would have started this blog back then. So much has happened in the last 10 months. So much, except getting pregnant. Here's a brief timeline:

March - My husband decides he's ready to start a family (FINALLY)

April - I go off the pill. It's official, we're trying

May - My friend and her adorable daughter come visit and all we can think about is when I'll give my niece a cousin.

June - My husband decides he wants one more hoorah before it's official, so we use condoms.  I may never forgive him for this!

July -  We take a vacation in Mexico.  What better place to get pregnant?!  BFN

August - BFN

September - BFN

October - AF is four days late, but I keep failing pregnancy test after pregnancy test. BFN

November -  BFN

December - AF is 10 days late, I get my first menstrual migraine and fail 4 pregnancy tests.  BFN

January - We visit the infertility specialist. She is cautiously optimistic.  BFN

Anyone else see a pattern here?


  1. I didn't know. I hope things happen soon for you guys. You are probably an old pro by now, but if not have you read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? That helped make us professional conceivers.

  2. And I just realized you said you've been in TTC chat rooms so I'm sure my comment was totally annoying. Oops!

  3. Hey, Jenica! I'm glad you stopped by. No comments are annoying. A friend sent me the book, but I haven't cracked it open yet. I read "Your Fertility Signals" and found out recently that a lot of it may have been bogus.

  4. Was "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" bogus or "Your Fertility Signals"? "Taking Charge" is a pretty quick read and it sort of changed my perception of myself. I feel like I understand what's going on now, even without temping.

    I hope today's ovulation does it!