Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's never a good time

My whole life has been divided into two week increments for the last nine months.  Two weeks before ovulation and then the two week wait to see if we're pregnant.  It's not just the two weeks after ovulation that kills me.  What exactly am I supposed to do for the two weeks before ovulation?!  Just wait two whole weeks before I ovulate?  What a waste of perfectly valuable time!  This is usually when I crash hard.  I get sad when my period comes, but it's a few days after my period (right around when it's ending) that everything sinks in and I just get tired of the whole thing. 

Lilo recommends I just nap through the two week wait.

Today is ovulation day (which means I must stop consuming alcohol [which is the only bright side of not getting pregnant]).  I'm somewhat thankful that I reliably ovulate on the 14th day of my cycle.  On the other hand this whole mess would be so much easier if we could just pinpoint what's not working and fix it fast! 

The beginning of our two week wait seems like an appropriate time to mention that I started this blog knowing full well that I COULD be pregnant in two weeks.  I've put off too many things because of this kind of thinking.  If I do get pregnant, it's AMF to this blog and onto the pregnancy blog!  If it doesn't work this month I'll at least be happy that I finally started this blog and I'll have a place to vent!  

I'll also be happy that I started training for a marathon!  I had decided to put off running a marathon until after we had a baby, but now I'm bummed that I put it off for nothing.  So, I started training.  If we get pregnant, I stop.  If we don't, then I will be so glad I didn't put it off for another year.  This year I will either run a marathon or get pregnant!

Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite is another goal of mine, but that probably wont happen this year.  Here I am conquering a statue of Half Dome.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere!

 PS - It just doesn't seem fair that men are pretty much ready to conceive at any old time!

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