Sunday, February 20, 2011


I got this with dinner last night.  A friend pointed out that we'll be moving into our new house that day (we close on 3/18), but I'm hoping this fortune is baby related!

Also, I did something today that I said I wouldn't do. . .  I just couldn't help myself!  I'll post a picture tomorrow.  I hope I haven't opened up a can of worms here.  I have been known to go a little over board.  I will remain calm, cool and collected! 


  1. oooooooo a cliff hanger, can't wait for tomorrow's post.

    I read those fortunes too, I don't believe in them but read them just incase they might be true.

  2. The best part about that fortunate is if you do what you're supposed to do to a fortunate cookie (add "in bed" to the end), it totally works, too. :D