Monday, May 16, 2011

Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck

Pardon my French. It's not that I'm jealous or anything, okay, maybe I am jealous a medium sized amount. . .

Is it just me or are we totally freaking alone out here in the land of the STILL INFERTILE? I may just be talking to myself and my one reader who is not a personal friend or family member, though probably my best on-line fellow infertile friend.

The plan was to sleep in a little. Go for a run and make a smoothie to enjoy before my procedure. That plan was postponed when I woke up feeling sick to my stomach, not sure if it was the new sushi place or my nerves on the fritz. So I went back to the original, original plan which was to read infertility blogs and do my best to avoid googling HSG (I did once already and that is probably why I waited so damn long to get it done in the first place)!

Back to reading infertility blogs: I have 6 infertility blogs in my reader and only one of them is still posting. One is pregnant for sure, but the other 4 are MIA. So I went to my favorite place to find new blogs. I clicked on 10 or so and all I found were pictures of adorable babies and site banners that show how far along people are.  Just for the record, I'm looking under the just beginning, general infertility section. Clearly I'm in the wrong place.  All these people are pregnant, already!?!?

Let's get one thing straight, I'm happy for these people.

I'm not happy to go in search of infertility blogs just to be inundated with pregnancy blogs! There's a difference! I'm beginning to wonder if the blog roll needs a separate area for the still infertile and a little angry. I thought I was done with pity parties, but apparently they've only just begun.

This can only mean one thing. It's time for us to move on. IUI here we come, natural if we have the choice, but I have to say I'm getting less and less concerned with how it happens.  Oh, and when it does finally happen, I will let you all know and give you a link to my SEPARATE parenting blog. :)

PS I have a theory about people who say, "I just stopped trying and I got pregnant," they didn't stop trying. THAT'SHOWTHEYGOTPREGNANTFORPETE'SSAKE.

End vent. I'll be back later when I have nice things to say.


  1. Check:

    for new blogs. She posts there weekly and usually it is people new to blogging and also many times new to infertility (though not always).

    I think that's how I found you in the first place.

    Also, I think the correct term is Fuckin', Fuck Me, Fuckity-Fuck. :)

  2. I am totally with you on finding blogs that are in the same boat as us! Look at my blogs I follow- I only have a few that are prego or have children:)

  3. I have a sudden urge to yell out "fuck you !", but I'm in starbucks so that might not be a good idea. Still, I'm saying it in my head for you!

  4. oops, I put a "world" after the "fuck you" but the commenter took out world thing because I used the wrong brackets... anyway, the original quote was "fuck you {world}!"

  5. I like "I just stopped trying and I got pregnant," they didn't stop trying. THAT'SHOWTHEYGOTPREGNANTFORPETE'SSAKE."

    A couple I know got pregnant "without trying." (They were planning on "starting to try" a few months after she got pregnant.) Um, since she was off the pill and he wasn't using condoms that's pretty much "trying."

    I remember when I had some friends over when I was still trying to conceive, and three of the couples were expecting. Two of the girls mentioned how they got pregnant their first try and the other took maybe 4 months at most. I was thinking, "KILL KILL KILL."