Monday, May 9, 2011

Jumping in with both feet

The last two months have been great.  I haven't given the whole fertility issue too much of my time or energy (unless you count the hormone driven crying fits/pity parties, there were at least two of those).

We moved. We took a much needed vacation and I even *almost* forgot to do my opk this month, not that they've been helpful at all over the last13 months.  It was a nice break and my heart needed it. 

Now, on cycle day 3 of my 13th period since we started trying to get pregnant reality is pounding to be let back in.  I'm listening, reluctantly.  I'm just about to go to the lab.  I hate that I have to even step into this world where doctors are really going to try to figure out what's wrong.  I hit that 1 year wall and now people are listening.  Now it's a problem that we haven't been able to conceive.  I'm gonna push back hard any time someone insist we try relaxing or not thinking about it.  Not thinking about it will just make this take longer.  It's time to do something.

The something I'm doing today is dragging my butt to the lab and getting lots of tests.  This is my second trip, but this one is different because this time the doctor is admitting there's a problem, she just doesn't know what.

Vitamin D (because of recurrent BV)
Free Testosterone

I still need to look a few of these up, but I know the gist of it.  We need to know if I'm still making/releasing good eggs.  I have a very regular cycle, so I'm hopeful and not too worried.  I also need to schedule my HSG for next week.  That's going to be scary.  I've been avoiding it, but we need answers.

I'm going to leave us all with some pictures of how cute and happy we were leading up to this week.  I'm not being negative, just realistic.  We might need a reminder of these times later when we are knee deep in infertility drama.


  1. Ask them to test your thyroid (TSH) too (if you can). That's what they said was up with me, but I could potentially have other problems too.

    Sucks to hit the 1 year mark doesn't it?

  2. Just wanted to wish you luck with the test results. I hope at least you can get some answers. Everyone here is cheering you on and wishing for the best!!

    P.S. You guys look so great in those photos... Congrats again on the big move