Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm not processing it right now because we have company from out of town.  It was a long shot and there's definitely more we can do. 

I refuse to google how common it is to get pregnant on the first IUI.  Maybe that would be just too easy.

Here is a quick reminder to myself:

We heard there was a green sand beach in Hawaii, but that it was hard to get to and 
you really shouldn't drive there in a rental car.
 It was two hours of four wheeling and we had little idea what we were doing.
 We pushed our way through and the view was so WORTH it.

 So was the experience!
It was one of the best memories of our trip!

The way I see it we're just doing a little four-wheelin'. 


  1. that's a great analogy! i hope you get to the green sand beach soon.

  2. Great pictures!!! Sounds like a good time.

    Sorry about the BFN. I've been told that the odds of getting preggo on each IUI isn't much greater than a natural cycle. Because infertility is suspected, IUI just ups your odds to normal. Given how statistics work though, your own odds improve with each additional IUI. The vast majority of women who are able to get preggo via IUI do so within the first 5 IUIs.

    It fucking sucks...guess you just jumped in my boat...welcome aboard friend.