Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Insurance Woes

No infertility journey is complete without a little drama from the insurance company.  I mentioned that my Letrozole (the generic form of Femara) was $85 because my insurance just didn't cover it. 

I think I failed to mention that my doctor also prescribed Ovidrel, my HCG injection (that I am going to fight not to take [because I ovulate on my own every month]).  This is fancy mail order infertility stuff.  A whole new ballgame for me.  Luckily, there's a company that saw an opportunity and got all set up to help infertiles who will pay mega bucks to get pregnant!  Enter Freedom Pharmacy.  My insurance company recommended them for the Ovidrel.  Unfortunately, my insurance company lied and decided that this medication is not covered under prescription coverage.  Instead it's covered under medical (even though I never knew I had separate insurance for medical and pharmaceutical, Freedom Pharmacy even asked about this in advance) and since it's out of state, I cannot use Freedom Pharmacy.  It's too bad because they really have their shit together.  They called the day the prescription was ordered and got all set up to have it mailed to me before CD12, when I have my next u/s. 

Now we're going through CVS Caremark Pharmacy and the rep who called today sounded just as clueless as me.  I miss Fatal Pharmacy already!  Good thing I wasn't attached to taking the HCG injection.  I have tattoos, but I don't like needles.  I'm really hoping to get away without poking myself. 

In other news, I took the last Letrozole pill last night.  I've had a few headaches here and there, but that's about it.  No hot flashes to speak of.  If this really is the magic pill, it's a small price to pay to swallow my hippy pride and take a little estrogen inhibitor. 

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