Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick update (I'm exhausted and tomorrow is a big day)

We got our special delivery on Friday.  I could not believe how big the box is! Really?! Is this necessary?  Apparently it is.  I got a lovely new sharps container, a styrofoam ice chest AND 2, yes 2, new ice packs.  Not bad for the low, low price of waytoomuchmoney!


All that packaging for this tiny little box!
Yes, I'm amused by storing it in the egg compartment.

We had our u/s appointment Saturday morning (CD 12) and things were looking good!  We have to follies and a nice cushy uterine lining!  One follicle on the right (bad) side already at 2cm and one on the left (good) side at 1.75.  We could not have asked for a better response from the Letrozole.

I had a nice little chat with the doctor and she really wanted me to use the Ovidrel.  We agreed on doing OPKs Sat-Mon and if I didn't get a positive one by Monday morning, I agreed to take the Ovidrel Monday night.  Well this morning (Sunday) I got a very positive OPK and we are scheduled for an IUI tomorrow on All Hallow's Eve.  With any luck we'll have ourselves a li'l pumpkin!!


  1. Here's hoping things go well!!!! I bet you may have already had it done, so welcome to the 2ww.