Saturday, May 17, 2014


We've got 12 embryos! Apparently, we had two over achievers because I was only expecting the ten mature eggs to be able to fertilize. Definitely some of my husband's genes at work here. ;)

The results from the lab are 5 embryos fertilized with ICSI and 7 embryos fertilized "conventionally."

In order to celebrate we did some shots. By "we" I mean me and by "shots" I mean I took a shot of progesterone in the ass.  Last night began the round of progesterone that my husband gets to inject into my rear for the next (hopefully) three months. I can't believe I'm saying that I'm hoping for three months of this, but there you have it. It feels like small beans when you consider a positive result means we get a baby at the end. It's amazing what you will put yourself through to get to that end goal.

Transfer is tomorrow am. I will be back tomorrow with news and pics regarding how our blasts look on day three. Until then, here is a video of my very first progesterone shot. It's a long needle and I'm a wimp. The bigger concern is my husband's total lack of fear or trepidation to shove that thing into my hind quarters.  I've tried it once on my own. I can do it, but I much prefer to have him do it.

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  1. I physically could not do the progesterone shots myself, I could not retract the plunger to check to see if we hit a vein. The hubby had to do the shot for me, the real fun comes when you no longer have a bruise free spot to inject! Can't wait to hear your perspective on that in a few weeks!