Sunday, May 25, 2014

Embryo #8

Here it is! All twelve of our eggs fertilized and all grew very well. We even had one grow crazy fast and get up to 14 cells. That one makes me suspicious and I plan to let it stay frozen, unless we really really need it.

I'm including a pic of our emrbyo "development check" sheet. It's pretty self explanatory. They are numbered and separated as ICSI  or conventional, then the grade (number of cells, letter grade and sometimes "c" to note the cells were compacted). Next is the disposition. T=transferred F=frozen.  The embryologist wasn't sure how many we'd put back in, so a few are blank. We only transferred #8. The rest were frozen on day three. Under the date, just above the chart, each column has either an H or an L (and one M-L). These are the notations from the Eeva study. H=high M=medium L=low.  The Dr noted that more of the ICSI embryos were rated highly by the computer vision software. For no reason in particular, I'm slightly partial to conventional insemination. I like the idea of a little natural selection in our IVF.

Is there a sexier way to get pregnant? I think not!

So far? I'm just not feeling it. I didn't feel the implantation, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'm quite certain I felt it last time, though. I was counting on that being the case this time.  I also took two tests yesterday am and got two BFNs. It's quite early, technically implantation could have happened as late as Friday, so a Saturday tests seems a little crazy. The official Beta test is scheduled for Thursday. If it's positive, I'll need a follow up on Saturday, but we planned a trip out of town. I may ask for a test on Wed, so I can test again Friday before we leave. I'm not interested in progesterone shots for the fun of it!

Speaking of progesterone shots, I developed a nice knot of progesterone in my backside. It hurts even when I walk. We've been skipping that side and I apply heat every now and then to help distribute it. It's getting better, but it is an annoying reminder of all things IVF.

AAAAAnnnnnd the transfer? It took a long time! My stomach was in knots before I got there because I was worried about the growth. Last round I had a check in before transfer, so we knew how many had developed nicely and knew that we'd just be putting one back.  I hate making that decision last minute, at the clinic, already dressed and ready to go in. At least the news was good, great even. The embryologist said our embryos were the best she's seen in the Eeva study. I really hope that means something! 

I was instructed to bring a 16oz bottle of water with me. I brought 20ozs. I regretted it because the nurse made me drink every last drop and then it sat in my stomach forever. Even after they took me back into the procedure room, my bladder wasn't full yet and, just for fun, my giant, swollen left ovary was sitting on top of my uterus.  It took some time and finagling, but the Dr got in there okay and was confident of the location she dropped our little embryo. So. . . now we wait.


  1. Sounds like it has been a great cycle, I hope it ends as well as it has gone so far!

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  3. Got fingers crossed. Can't wait to hear update.