Monday, January 31, 2011

What has 8 legs and totally kills the mood?

*Warning*  This post references our sex life AND has a picture of a spider.  Last night these two things were related.

We are getting ready to move and it's consuming all of our thoughts, energy and every waking moment on the weekends, but of course, we can put it all on hold for a little baby making!

After spending the entire day loading up our moving pod with boxes and furniture, we finally get showered and make into bed.  On any other night we might have just kissed, rolled over and crashed hard, but I knew I would be ovulating and we were counting on scoring!

A little foreshadowing...I don't mind bugs, but they are not sexy!
 We finally settle into bed and start fooling around when Michael feels a tickle on his chest.  He brushes it with his hand then realizes he's just thrown a spider from his bare chest onto the bed.  We're pretty cool about bugs, even spiders.  Neither one of us screams or immediately leaves the room.  We get up to turn on some real lights, because you can't find a spider in mood lighting, and start searching.  Thankfully, we locate it, grab our spider cups (we don't actually kill spiders in our house) and relocate that annoying little jerk outside.

As we crawl back into bed, still exhausted, I have a bad case of the heebie jeebies.  Is there another spider in here?  I can't even be near his chest without thinking about that damn spider!  Don't ask me how we managed to get back in the mood and have sex in the bed where we just found a spider.  We did and damn it, I hope it worked this time!!!

We're used to kicking creatures off our bed before sex, but only the cute, cuddly kind.

Blogger's note:  If you're used to seeing the phrase baby dance (BD) instead of sex, I'm sorry.  We still have sex in this house.  AND referring to my husband, Michael, as Dear Husband (DH) just makes him sound old!  I'm making a conscious decision not to use the lamo terms often found on ttc forums. 

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  1. I know I'm very very late and new to this blog, but I wanted to applaud you for separating yourself from the TTC lingo! My husband and I don't have planned sex, so we don't "BD" just to make a baby, only when we really are in the mood for each other. Wonderful to know I'm not alone in that!