Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh my achin' back

We're not sure why the photographer took this shot, but it always makes us laugh!

This post has been in my head, along with several others, for a very long time.  Am I the only one that writes my blog posts talking to myself over and over until I finally sit down to write and forget all the darn things I wanted to say?!

My back went out Tuesday last week and I'm still trying to get myself back in order.  Get it? Back in ord . . . okay, well, I thought it was funny.

Another shot of my back. Got this done after our wedding/my graduation in May 09. Did I jinx something by leaving the spiral of the fertility godess' stomach?

Here is a short list of things you can't do when your back is out:

1)  make babies (thank goodness I was able to fulfill my Sunday and Monday obligations to baby making)

2)  wash your face/brush your teeth at the sink without looking like a crazy person

3)  quickly and effectively help a three year old do nearly anything

4)  sit anywhere for an extended amount of time, not the movies, not the car, not next to a cot at nap time

5)  bend your neck to wrap a towel around your hair after the shower, and this is a must

6)  honor your commitment of doing yoga at least three times a week to help keep your back healthy

I spent the first two days cursing chiropractors everywhere.  Why is my back out when I've been so good about getting adjustments every two weeks?!  I got over that and left my chiropractors office swooning Thursday afternoon. 

The only way this post mildly relates to infertility is that I made an appointment with my primary care physician and then immediately canceled it when I realized that I would refuse any kind of scan or pain meds until I know for sure if I'm pregnant or not, which is another 6 days away.  I. Will. Not. Test.


  1. OUCH. As someone who has thrown her back out multiple times... I sympathize :/ Do you know what did it? In my case, I actually figured out something that was triggering it... if I didn't cool down after exercise, my muscles sort of tighten up, then I must change my posture, and boom, miserable for a few days. I hope you feel better soon!!

    I didn't know about your tattoo -- it's really cool. Do the teal spirals mean anything in particular, or are they aesthetic?

    Good luck with the not testing!!

  2. P.S. I have a crazy idea for a tattoo for myself. I thought about tattooing 12 dots on my back. That's it, just 12 dots, one each to represent each of the GregRachael embryos we made. I thought about having it tattooed up my back, one dot over each of the 12 vertebrate on that part of my spine. It would be a representation of family being the core of my life, and in a weird way symbolizing both the presence of needles in my quest for fertility as well as my choice not to get an epidural during labor (thus being conveniently located so as to prevent any future epidural application ;) ).

    I know, a little nuts. But the idea has stuck in my head. A better (simpler) version would be to just stack the 12 dots in a triangle pattern of some sort

  3. Terrible news about your back! But hey, at least you can get yourself some bin candy. :)

    I loved that you said you don't mix the fruity stuff with the chocolate. I have a friend like that and she always makes herself two different bags. To each her own!

    (From: http://web.me.com/ilovemath/Pining_for_Peter_Rabbit/)

  4. Oh no! I can't imagine how painful and annoying that would be. I hope you start to feel better :)

  5. I just had chiropractic care for a similar problem, luckily it was only for a few days. Hope you feel better.