Monday, November 14, 2011

CD 1

I'm already over it.  I tested early on Friday afternoon and it was negative.  Most people think I'm crazy for trusting an early test, but the truth is I've been taking those tests forever and not one has steered me wrong. 

What next?  NOTHING!  I'm tired of stressing out over how to make the schedule work, worrying over whether I will have a sub for the right day and the right time.  Some appointments are easy, but the actual IUI appointment can only be made with a days notice and that's barely been enough lately. 

For the next two months I'm going to enjoy my 30th birthday (ignore the whole new status that gives me), enjoy the holidays and really enjoy our week of vacation in Cancun! 

I don't plan to update, but you never know.  I might check in just to say hello.  :)

Peace out (and in)!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, sucky sucky BFN's!!!

    I'm sorry you have to go on a break for a bit, but I hope you won't totally stop blogging.